Phottix announces Odin Z Operating System – making great products even greater!

From day one, we have had several goals, the first being to make working with light as simple and easy as possible for photographers at every level. To make things more simple, more intuitive, our team has invested two years in developing the next generation of the Phottix products. The key to this simplicity is the new Odin Z Operating System.

Odin Z keeps the most-loved Phottix features and adds cutting-edge options and technologies. Best of all, it’s available to all Phottix users through a firmware upgrade. We believe in moving forward while leaving no one behind.

“Our team spent a lot of time working with photographers to learn what they needed most,” said Steve Peer, Phottix CEO. The Odin Z system is the result. It brings some very amazing features to the table and lays a great foundation for Phottix’s future development.”

Odin Z Operating System Features:

  • Auto-Switching – Every TTL system is built into every product. Products will automatically “switch” to the system being used by the photographer.
  • Auto-Metering – Use your flash as a light meter. Phottix products will tell you what manual power level to set
  • Real-Time Displays – Power levels are displayed on both products and triggers
  • Simplified – UI, software and hardware protocols have been upgraded and streamlined for easier use.

Phottix’s technology has evolved and we want to ensure our customers can use this technology to evolve their skills and advance their hobby or career. No matter how challenging the image they set out to create, working with Phottix gear should be anything but challenging. From hobbyists to seasoned professionals Phottix provides lighting solutions from A to Z.

The Odin Z Operating System will be available for download in mid-October for Canon and Nikon compatible Phottix products.

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