Phottix announces Odin Lite and Juno Li60 Flash: New lighting solutions for serious photographers

Following on the groundbreaking announcement of the new Odin Z Operating System, Phottix is announcing two new products for non-TTL shooters: The Odin Lite Flash Trigger and the Phottix Juno Li60 Transceiver Flash.

Phottix Odin Lite Flash Trigger

The Odin Lite Flash Trigger is the latest in the Phottix line-up of flash triggers and provides a link between Phottix’s TTL and Manual families of products. The Phottix Odin Lite is an all-in-one manual trigger, giving users the ability to control compatible Phottix products from any camera system.


  • Real-time remote power control and triggering with compatible Phottix lighting products*
  • Works with any camera system
  • 4 Groups and 32 channels
  • Secured with Digital ID

Using more than one camera system? Phottix has you covered. The Odin Lite allows photographers to control their lights from any camera.

Featuring 4 control groups, 32 channels and Phottix’s Digital ID System, the Phottix Odin Lite is a cutting-edge solution for photographers using multiple systems in their workflow

Phottix Juno Li60

The new Juno Li60 Flash packs Professional power and super-fast recycle times in a manual flash. With a 3200mAh li-ion battery, the Phottix Juno Li60 comes with serious power for serious professionals, super-charged with Phottix’s new Odin Z Operating System.


  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Fast recycle times
  • Pair with Phottix Odin Lite for the ultimate in manual control on any camera system
  • Real-time manual power displayCompatible with other Phottix Ecosystem products*

When paired with the Phottix Odin Lite controller, the Juno Li60 can be controlled and triggered from any camera system. Perfect for photographers shooting with different camera bodies.

This Odin Lite and Li60 combo is the perfect travel companion for photographers on the road. Shoot all day and night and never worry about missing a shot. Power, Speed and Control – the busy location photographers new workhorse.

* Built-in power control with Phottix Odin II or Odin Lite, triggering only with Phottix Ares II or Strato II Triggers

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