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Phottix Odin II Receiver

£99.00 inc VAT

Odin II Receiver only.

Introduced at Photokina 2014, there is no flash triggering system that is more anticipated than the Odin II. It is the result of operational requests from the thousands of happy Odin users who love their TTL flash systems and want even more. Phottix is delivering on all of its promises. And then some.

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Indra500 TTL Studio Light – Twin Kit + Odin II Transmitter

£1,699.00 £1,659.00 inc VAT

Introducing the Phottix Indra500 TTL Studio Light – a 500 Watt TTL Studio Light featuring High Speed Sync. Under the hood is the ultimate in control – with the award-winning Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Canon, Nikon and Sony built-in.

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Indra500LC TTL Studio Light – Twin Kit + Phottix Laso Transmitter

£1,699.00 £1,659.00 inc VAT

Phottix presents the first studio light system compatible with Canon’s radio flash system.

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Indra360 TTL Studio Light – Twin kit + Odin II Transmitter

£1,100.00 inc VAT

The new Indra360 Light provides the ultimate in control – with the Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Canon, Nikon and Sony built-in. With a smaller footprint Li-ion Battery, the Indra360 TTL is perfect for events on-location and any photographer that needs to move fast and stay portable.

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Phottix Indra AC adapter for UK & EU

£150.00 inc VAT

The Phottix Indra500 AC Module powers the Phottix Indra series Studio Lights – Great for use in the studio where batteries are not needed. The Indra500 AC Module can power two Indra500 TTL Studio Lights or hot shoe flashes in 100V-240V environments.

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Phottix Raja Quick-Folding Octa Softbox 150cm (59″)

£165.00 inc VAT

The Phottix Raja series of softboxes open like an umbrella and is ready to use in seconds (yes, seconds). No anxiety. No frustration. No “questionable” language. Pop it open, add the ba­ffle, diffuser and grid – mount on your studio light. Simple. Before you can say “Hail to the King,” you’re ready to shoot.

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Kali600 VLED Honeycomb Grid & Gel Kit

£70.00 inc VAT

Tame your Kali600! New for the Phottix Kali600 VLED Video LED Light – a 30 degree honeycomb grid to help control light and spill, fabric diffuser for softer light and coloured gels for advanced lighting control.

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Phottix Mitros+ Transceiver Flash (Canon)

£219.00 inc VAT

The Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash is the best of Phottix’s gold-standard products all-in-one.
A flash with Phottix Odin Transmitter and Receiver, and Strato receiver all built in.

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